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Infrastructure and transportation system allows for a high level of mobility and freight activity for residents and business establishments. Millions of motor vehicles, ships, airplanes, and railroad cars were used on highways, railroads, airports, and waterways. The transportation infrastructure also includes oil and gas transmission pipelines, public and private airports. The annual direct cost of corrosion in the infrastructure category is estimated at $22.6 billion, which is 16.4 percent of the total cost of the sector categories.

The infrastructure category is divided into the following industry sectors:
  1. Highway bridges,
  2. Gas and liquid transmission pipelines,
  3. Waterways and ports,
  4. Hazardous materials storage,
  5. Airports, and
  6. Railroads.

We understand the challenges from corrosion within the various industries. The highly disruptive impact of downtime, lost production, untimely repairs and replacements to facilities and equipment due to corrosion and its ensuing high cost burden can be prevented or alleviated with implemention of corrosion remediation and prevention programs. Many companies are increasingly aware of the substantial savings achievable which far outweighs the relatively low investment expenditure for a corrosion remediation and prevention program.