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One of the most essential process for the success of any protective coating system is proper surface preparation. The importance of removing salt, oil, grease, old coatings and surface contaminants (such as millscale and rust on steel, laitence on concrete and zinc salts on galvanised surfaces) cannot be over emphasised. The performance of any paint coating system is directly dependent upon the performance of preparation of the surface prior to coating. The most expensive and technologically advanced coating system will fail if the surface preparation is incorrect or incomplete.

Ultratech is specialized in performing surface preparation service in the painting/coating works. Our service is supported by high quality product in the industry such as Sherwin Williams Paint, Chlor*rid (soluble salt remover) for water blasting and EJ Garnet (abrasive sand-blast) and . In addition of high quality products, Ultratech strength is on the talented human resources. Ultratech employs certified professional in the corrosion industry with years of relevant experience in every project we undertake.



Paints and coatings play an important role in preserving, protecting, and beautifying the objects to which they are applied, and are integral to maintaining the appearance, functionality and longevity of many structures and products. Without protective coatings, cars  would rust quickly, become dull in appearance, and have a short useful life. The “value added” by coatings to virtually every product made is extraordinary!

Individually, Ultratech professional has more than 100 years of combined expertise in specialty industrial painting and coating services, offering quality and cost-effective options designed to achieve the needs of our customers. As a leading provider of specialty coating and painting services, we leverage our experience, a successful track record and the use of sophisticated technology to meet all your industrial painting requirements and exceed your expectations.