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We protect your assets using products from the world renowned Cholr Rid International 


Chlor Rid International,Inc serves a wide market with a broad line of surface decontamination and passivation products.

These Products are:


HOLD*BLAST is used and approved with all coatings, both for atmospheric as well as immersion applications.


One of the functional chemical ingredients in HOLD*BLAST dissolves mineral salts (such as calcium and megnesium) which are generally found in potable water. As such, no high purity or deionized water has to be used for dilution.

  •  Since the mineral salts are dissolved, ther is no problem of mineral solids (such as calcium carbonate) platting out on seals and internal components of high pressure application equipment, thus not requirinf tremendous amount of maintennce to scrape and remoce solids build up to prevent damaging equipment. 
  •  And, very importantly, since the HOLD*BLAST dissolves ant mineral salts, when evaporation of the inhibitor takes place on the surface, there is no scum or residue left on the surface which can create adhesion problems.