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“A Company That Will Nurture and Develop Your Potential to the Highest Career”


career2We are a quality driven company with a rapid response approach towards our customers’ needs and requirements. We have a proud heritage and tradition of bringing high quality brands and innovative products and services to market. We have strong moral, ethical, and financial values and are responsible to employees, shareholders, and the communities. Our employees as a whole recognize that their individual commitment to the integrity of those requirements is what makes our company sound. Against this background we are able to conduct our business to the highest standards seeking to establish and maintain first class relationships with our customers, suppliers and overseas partners.

We have a strong commitment to our employees to give them a stable work environment, ethical treatment, benefits, various training, and support for work life balance. From the start, we encourage them to upgrade their skills through a constant cycle of learning so that they can add value to clients. To this end, we offer a wide variety of technical and professional skills training to ensure that our technical employees are business smart and business professionals are technology savvy.

We provide opportunities for promotion at all levels. If you are someone that believes you can excel in performance and is looking for challenges in the areas of responsibility, commitment, perseverance and adaptability in a fast changing environment, Ultratech is the place for you.



Our core values reflect what is truly important to us as an organization. They are consistent and translated into principles and beliefs that guide how we behave as employees. By maintaining these core values, regardless of how big Ultratech may grow, we can preserve what has always been special about our company. These core values are the soul of our company. Like a compass, they set a direction for how we carry out our responsibilities to one another, to our customers, the communities at large and to our shareholders. 

  • Responsibility and Integrity: We adhere to the principles of fairness and honesty and take responsibility for all of our actions.
  • Excellence: We embrace excellence in all that we do, always seeking opportunities to excel and consistently striving for the highest standards in our work.
  • Respect and Teamwork: We create a caring work environment where our staff work together to achieve common goals. We respect individuals and their contributions.
  • Continuous Improvement: We encourage continuous learning for our staff and provide meaningful opportunities for career growth and development. We are forward-looking, continuously seeking new ways to innovate our existing products and services, while developing and implementing creative business solutions to maintain our position as market leader.
  • Value Creation: We aim to create value to our owners by ensuring the viability and profitability of our business. We are committed to pursuing strategic growth for Ultratech.


  • Cash Compensation: To ensure that Ultratech continues to attract, retain and motivate high-performing employees, we offer a cash compensation structure that will recognize your specific skills and business expertise. After all, they allow us to deliver best solutions for our clients.
  • Our Compensation Package: Includes Base Pay, Fixed Bonuses, Allowances, or Other Payments relevant to the local market. Performance Bonus and Sales Incentives linked to staff performance may also be included in your total cash compensation to ensure you are paid competitively within the market.
  • Performance Bonus: Another principle we adopt to attract, motivate, retain and reward high achievers is to offer a Performance bonus that is a portion of  the annual compensation tied directly to business results.
  • Company-Paid Pension Plan: You may not be thinking about your retirement – but we are!! Through our Pension Investment Plan, you get real savings you can count on and it doesn’t cost you a cent. Each year when you’re credited with 1000 hours of service, Ultratech contributes up to 5% of your earnings to your pension account based on your age and service.
  • Healthcare, Well-being and Personnel benefits: We offer a range of personnel benefits such as medical schemes, health screening, wellness programs, retirements and insurance programs. You may even be able to include your spouse and dependants under your coverage for greater peace of mind. We want to be as flexible as possible, so you choose what is appropriate for your individual needs.
  • Global Wellness Program: Ultratech wellness program is designed to continually improve and maintain the physical and mental well-being of employees and their family members. We offer this benefit to prevent, enhance awareness, and help manage health risks, while lowering health care costs for both employees and the company. Benefits of the program include sponsored fitness, discount to local gyms, regular social activities that include team drinks and team building events, and organised sporting activities.
  • Tuition Aid: As you grow, so do we. That’s why we sponsor the tuition Aid Program. Through the tuition program, Ultratech encourages full-time employees to acquire additional skills and knowledge that will contribute to their development and to the growth of the corporation. This program covers the cost of tuition and lab fees for course related to your position or any course required for a work-related degree.
  • Training Programs: Well-trained employees are the key to the business success. Studies have shown that the most successful, productive employees are those who have received extensive training. They’re the cream of the crop, often having the strongest stake in the company’s future. That’s why we provide and conduct trainings for our employees. We not only equip our employees with needed professional or technical skills, but also invest in them as part of company long term plan.
  • Vacations and Leave: During your first calendar year of employment, you’ll earn a day of vacation leave for each full month of service (up to 10 days). As you build your employment service with Ultratech, you will receive additional paid leave of up to a maximum of 29 days. In addition, you also will enjoy a variety of paid holidays each year.


*Note: The specifics of all the above-mentioned packages and its availability will vary depending on the country of your employment.